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The JSSB Team is made up of passionate subject matter experts that engage and listen to your organization’s goals, mission and vision, and that benchmark and evaluate your program against best practices, resulting in a customize strategic implementation plan. We help you navigate through local sensitivities, cultures, and practices encountered while executing the plan. Team JSSB gets you to the desired destination, while providing measurable outcomes and data analysis. Recognizing your organization is uniquely positioned in the marketplace, our comprehensive approach is not “one size fits all”. We serve in excellence, and deliver impactful, results-driven, inspirational, transformational, and effective programming.

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contractor consulting services

JSSB Consulting LLC provides guidance to contractors seeking to build sustainable, thriving, legacy business with areas including, risk management, project selection, business development,  succession planning, management reporting, and dispute resolution.  Feel free to call us when problems arise to address your needs during the construction phase of a contract, and assess the performance of a bonded trade contractor. We are experts in finding strategic solutions to meet and exceed your needs. 

  • Contractor Capacity Building Program

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Coalition Building Services

  • Contract Risk Mitigation

  • Project Specific Subcontractor Engagement and Development

  • Diversity & Inclusion Expertise

Bonding, Underwriting, and Contractor Building support

We care about matching contractors to surety companies who will invest in your success.  We prepare you for capacity building and expansion.  Trust our team to make the right decisions on what surety companies are acceptable, what strategies should be implemented to get bond requests approved, and what the terms and conditions will best suit your needs and increase the likelihood of success and longevity.

  • Surety Bonding Support

  • Underwriting Services 

  • Contractor Building Programming

  • Executive & Leadership Advisory Services on Transformational Contractor Development Issues

Building Under Construction

Surety Training and Development

JSSB is a powerhouse in providing education around what it takes to be a success construction firm.  Whether you need a surety/insurance seminar, classes, workshops or leadership and business development serives services, JSSB provides a unique approach to growing construction businesses and assuring bondability as a metric. In this new climate, JSSB offers virtual training and workshops around an array of contracting modules and surety bestpractices best practices. We educate and inspire businesses to reach their fullest potential.

  • Custom Educational Contractor Development Coursework

  • Workshop Subject Matter Expertise & Speakers

  • Custom Contractor Outreach, Education, and Training

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